Trialog Conference

Encounter IV

April 15th - 18th 2021

Kloster Lehnin, Germany - Gästehaus am Klostersee


Berlin/Lehnin | Kiew | Moskau | Krasnodar

Trialog Conference -
April 15th - 18th 2021


A group analytic conference on Ukrainian-Russian-German understanding in regard of a common historical background.


Dear colleagues, dear participants,

We are pleased to announce our fouth international group analytic conference in April 2021. Following three successful conferences in 2015, 2017 and 2019 we are happy to continue the “Trialog” between Russians, Ukrainians and Germans.

We invite all colleagues in the field of psychotherapy, psychoanalysis and group analysis as well as people interested in psycho-historical topics to share their personal experiences in analytical small and large groups as well as in the social dreaming setting.

If you consider your pariticipation, please note:

  1. The conferecne will be accompanied by interpreters for the three languages Russian, Ukrainian and German.
  2. Through the participant’s exchange of experiences, attitudes and beliefs the conference aims at recognition and insight. Thus, the groups will not offer professional discourse but personal encounter. This can be emotionally challenging and moving after all.
  3. The groups will be lead by experienced grouptherapist mainly trained by the BIG (Berlin Institute for Group Analysis).

The historical background is the current social development, cultural imprints and the history of violence in the 20th century: beginning at the First World War until the current effects of war, civil war, flight, and opening and shutting down in present times.

We want to exchange personal and collective experiences, to perceive and reflect individual and collective projections. One's own unconscious is usually perceived critically or aversively by others or by other groups. Examining these phenomena reveals the possibilities and limitations of the confrontation with terrible, painful, even incomprehensible (traumatic) experiences. At the same time, opportunities for enduring and processing such experiences open up. It will become apparent in what the common history not only separates us but also connects us. We want to learn from each other.

Our aim is to cultivate the living conversation, though war, mistrust, experience of betrayal and painful traumatic experiences are countering for some of us. We are interested in sharing the psycho-historical background of individual history. It will concern us with the question of whether and how we can meet in one or two years in a city in Ukraine or Russia. The goal is not to hear prepared lectures, but in the process individually gained insights and experiences, which can lead to written reflections, whereby the necessary anonymization of all participants is respected.

We work in small and large group settings according to the British tradition of Group Analysis (S.H. Foulkes), to which we will add social dreaming by Gordon Lawrence. (Further information in the program)


We are looking forward welcoming you!

The organization team: Kathrin Albert, Marie-Luise Alder, Yurij Danko, Dr. Frank Andreas Horzetzky, Dr. Kurt Husemann, Tatjana Jacob-Bekfani, Dr. Friedrich-Wilhelm Lindemann, Olena Luilina, Prof. Elena Pourtova, Hanna Reinhardt-Bork, Katrin Stumptner,

and Stephan Alder (Head of the conference in cooperation with the Berlin Institute for Group Analysis e.V. (BIG) and the Brandenburg Society for Psychotherapy, Psychosomatic and Medical Psychology e.V. (BGPPmP)).

Location Kloster Lehnin