– Frequently Asked Questions –


1) I would like to take part at the conference but where can I stay? 

 It is recommended to stay at the Gästehaus Am Klostersee. Please inform us of your decision when registering. Overnight stays at the Gästehaus Am Klostersee include breakfast per person per night. Presumably, the prizes for a single room € 45 (very limited number of rooms!), double room € 33, triple room € 18. The accommodation costs are paid on your arrival at the Gästehaus Am Klostersee.

Alternative accommodation in Kloster Lehnin: Hotel Markgraf (www.hotel-markgraf.de) and in the monastery Lehnin.
*For a limited number of participants a reduction of the conference fee is possible. Please send your inquiry with a short presentation of your background: praxis@stephan-alder.com.*

2) Do I have to speak English or Russian?

 No. For each group there will be one interpreters for German, Russian and Ukrainian.

3) Do I have to be a fully trained psychotherapist or group psychotherapist in order to take part at the conference?

This is not necessary, however, psychotherapeutic knowledge is preferable. Basically, it is sufficient, if you feel psychological stable and healthy and you are interested in the subject. We are looking forward to your participation.

4) How much do I need to know about history?

You don’t need to have a special knowledge in history. More importantly you should be interested to share your personal history and present with others and to be open to listen to them.

5) How do I get to the venue?

Guesthouse Am Klostersee 12b, in 15797 Kloster-Lehnin. This can be reached from Potsdam main station by bus line number 580 heading to Bad Belzig (21 stops to Lehnin, Fischersberg plus a 550m walk; 30min taxi drive from Potsdam main station for approx. 50€ per ride; private rides will be possible on request)